To create a sell or buy deal on the Singbit platform, please go to the “Post Deal” page.

Post a Buy/Sell Ad

  • Select Buy or Sell to create a buy/sell advertisement.
  • Select the type of coins and Fiat currency would you like to transact 
  • To set a transaction price, you can choose between Fixed Price and Floating Price
  • If you choose floating price, unit price of the deal will fluctuate with a benchmark
  • Even though the price will fluctuate, you can still set a Maximum Price. If the floating price is higher than maximum price you set, your ads will display the maximum price instead of the floating price. 
  • For selling, it will be a Minimum Price.
  • Set a fixed amount of coins you would like to buy or sell. (If you are selling, please make sure you have enough balance in your Singbit Wallet.) 
  • Payment Terms is the payment window between buyer places the order and transfer the Fiat. If the order exceed payment terms, it will be automatically cancelled.
  •  Payment Methods are your preferred ways to receive Fiat.
  • Minimum Transaction Limit is the minimal amount you'd like to transact for each trade. This is to avoid buyers ordering small amount from you.
  • Maximum Transaction Limit is the maximal amount you'd like to transact for each trade. This is to avoid buyers ordering large amount from you. 
  • You can leave payment information or other special requirements in Note and Auto-reply.
  • Once you have fill up all the details, check your deal summary and click on Post
  • Your Ad will be live in the market. If you wish to cancel or edit the deal, please go to "My Deals" to make changes.

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