To safeguard the passwords that our consumers use on our platform we use hashing algorithm and salting which are two immensely powerful tools emerging in the era of online security. To start with the security, once you are online all of your data will be less or more exposed to some extent of intrusion. Our concern is to minimize this intrusion to ensure the virtual security of our consumers.

Hash is a one-way function. It generates a representation, usually only a number of the input data. The hash algorithm always generates the same number from the same data and there is no aberration to this process. Once you set a password with our platform at the time of registration, our platform will generate a hash of your password with SHA1 hash algorithm and store the hash of the password instead of the password itself. Whenever you log in to our platform, our system will calculate the hash of your password and complement it with the stored hash password and verifies. We have also incorporated salting to hashing algorithm to make our system more stalwart. Salting is the hashing of your e-mail and password together. This process of salting is very ensuring because it is quite perplexing to generate and store texts of the length of more than 10 characters whereas the length of the hash of the combination of e-mail address and password quite easily falls into the 25 characters region.

This intricacy and elegance of the password protection system of our platform will definitely ward off malignant attackers because of the difficulty to extract useful password information from our consumers. You are rest assured to explore and trade freely on our platform.

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