Buying or Selling in the marketplace:


Posting Ads in the marketplace: 


Posting Cash Ads in the marketplace:

0.005 BTC for 30 days (50% off, u.p. 0.01 BTC, promo ends in Dec 2018)

Withdrawal Fee

Our platform determines the recommended withdrawal fee by looking at multiple factors to reduce the cost to the user. We might change it from time to time.

Current withdrawal fee (13/06/2019):
Bitcoin: 0.002 BTC
Ethereum: 0.003 ETH

To withdraw:

You must manually deduct the withdrawal fee to withdraw. 

For example, with the current withdrawal fee of 0.002 BTC,
in order to withdraw 0.1 BTC, you will need to type in “0.098” BTC into the withdrawal amount field.

Withdrawal may take up to 24 hours. If your request is not successful after 24 hours, please contact our customer support staff.

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