Simple.        Secure.        Service.        Fairness.

If you want a hassle-free platform to exchange cryptocurrencies, whether as a Buyer or a Seller, Singbit offers you several advantages above and beyond other marketplaces:

Simple- We offer the most user-friendly platform where anyone can begin trading. Breaking down complex barriers to virtual currency exchange is the first step in Singbit's Mission (link to 'About Us/Mission' page).

Secure- To safeguard our consumer’s assets and security we have integrated all the essential and fundamental technologies e.g: SSL encryption, cold storage, 2-factor authentication and SMS confirmation to our system. 

Risk management and internal controls are really what matter to a financial organization in the long run. We have a strong and dedicated team to ensure our consumer’s safety. To avoid deception and pilfering we go through a two-level manual approval at the final stage of clearance.

Service - Our tech and support teams work hand in hand to provide exceptional assistance and support to our consumers. We aim to provide prompt replies to our user’s requests and enquiries. 

Your suggestions and feedback will help us to provide exceptional service.

Fairness -
We create a fair and efficient marketplace to protect investor’s interests. We do everything in our power to minimize market manipulation and unfairness. We have: 

  1. -market surveillance program
  2. -carefully designed product
  3. -comprehensive risk management
  4. -strict internal controls

Singbit consumers are the best protected from financial predators, bitcoin theft, online fraud, market manipulators, trader errors, bit bugs and flash crashes. We provide equal service to all consumers 100% of the time. Our consumers are treated with the same policy published on our website.

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