Please visit Settings - Account Security to manage 2-factor authentication devices. You can enable 2FA process on:

  1. Mobile Phone 

To verify your mobile phone, please elect a Country code and enter your mobile number. You will receive a SMS containing a verification code. Please enter the verification code. 

2. Google Authenticator 

If you are a smartphone user you can download Google Authenticator, use the QR code or secret key to add to your device.

3. Email
If you do not have any of above 2FA enabled, we will send verification code through your registered email account. 

When do you need 2FA?
In general, we want to make sure your account is as secure as possible. There are a few places where 2FA is implemented:

  • Add a withdrawal wallet address
  • Withdraw coins to an external wallet account
  • Log in to your account from a different device, you will be required to  enter the code through SMS or Google Authenticator. 

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