What is Cash Ads?

Cash Ads allow you to deal coins in cash and in person.
If you would like to sell or buy in Cash, you can post an ad in the market. 

How much does Cash Ads cost?

  • Each Ad cost 0.005 BTC (50% off, u.p. 0.01 BTC, promo ends in Dec 2018)
  • Ad will be published in the marketplace for 30 days

What is the transaction process for Cash Ads?

  • Seller/Buyer orders BTC/ETH from you (you can set the transaction limit, e.g. 1 BTC - 10 BTC)
  • You can respond to the request and communicate with them through chat
  • If the deal is off, you can cancel it anytime.
  • If the deal is on, meet the buyer/seller and deal in cash (be careful of scammers, and meet only in public places in the morning)
  • Transfer coins directly to buyer/seller's on the spot

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