Let's face it - cryptocurrencies, and all of the connected concepts around it, such as the blockchain, can be pretty hard to grasp. It's actually more than just money - innovation and disruption can be done, if properly understood.

Which is why it's interesting how the world sees these cutting-edge technology. But more than simply laughing about some of these mentions, we can actually see this as evolution. Remember, during the early days of the Internet and Email, these concepts weren't readily accepted.

But look at us today! It's an online world, and most probably, cryptocurrency will be integrated into our everyday lives (...it already has, actually). Let's see how crypto made an impact in pop culture.

Bitcoin Heist

Given the appeal of the currency aspect of Bitcoin, it comes as no surprise that the cryptocurrency will be subjected as a movie plot. And what an entertaining ride this movie showed with BTC. A playful take on hacking and law enforcement. This 2016 Vietnamese film available on Netflix, also shines with its wonderful characters.


The emergence of altcoins and the many benefits that they have to offer seems to be a natural move in the tech world (a good point to consider: Ethereum's growth and success). So, translating how a digital currency is created, and adding some thrilling drama and action into it, does sound like an interesting concept to tackle in a series. StartUp seemingly blurs the line between TV fiction and tech reality, making it entertaining to watch.

The Big Bang Theory

Considering the show's theme, it really isn't surprising that The Big Bang Theory will mention BTC. And they actually had a single episode revolving on the notion of BTC! This was during the heyday of BTC reaching the $10,000 mark. Of course, this is still TV, so a lot of inconsistencies regarding the concept of BTC can be found on the said episode. But, still - people noticed how much an impact cryptocurrency has, and some enthusiasts even took this episode as an opportunity to explain how BTC actually works.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Just a few seconds into the 2018 movie, sharp viewers would catch sight of how BTC made a cameo in this hot animated film. As Peter B. Parker enters into Miles Morales' reality, he spotted a billboard featuring the death of his counterpart. And right below that bit of news are two really interesting and funny headlines:


Talk about volatility! But still, really nice to have this shown in this cool film.

Hunt for Wolverine – Adamantium Agenda

It's just for a few panels, but Marvel Comics rode the cryptocurrency bandwagon by mentioning BTC as a way to purchase firearms. It is actually ideal - why would you carry tons of cash in multiple briefcases when all it takes is a simple (and safe) BTC transfer! And before anything else, we're not saying BTC's the choice currency for criminal activities. Don't blame the coin, blame the bad guys!

It's all fun and games, but these entertaining mentions of cryptocurrency in popular media can be a form of education as well. These pop culture mentions offer a fun way to understand more about cryptocurrency. You can click here for even more simple but effective ways to learn about crypto.

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