In learning more about the many benefits of blockchain integration, one specific industry stands out. Healthcare, with its demand for fast, accurate and streamlined flows of information, does seem to be a great avenue for this innovative technology to disrupt and improve upon! Let’s check out the numerous benefits the blockchain can offer hospitals and medical professionals all over the world.

The Case of Keeping Up With the Times

In some hospitals in the world, the implementation of technology and analytical advancements is far behind. Having to rely on paper records and other various red tape has its drawbacks. And it is more than just the frustrating experience of patients having to line up to get the right kind of treatment. By not having a streamlined effort to record or consolidate personal and medical records, the potential of error can be fatal.

Think about it: a hospital may have all the latest medicines in stock, or the best in medical procedures. But by having to rely on pen and paper, there may be a chance of prescribing the wrong medication for a patient; the time wasted on having to pull up information may better be spent on actually giving the right treatment.

For these reasons, a blockchain integration may not only speed things up, it can actually save lives!

Beneficial for Both Doctors and Patients Alike

Let’s try and give a clearer image on how a blockchain integration will help both patients and hospitals:


  • The correct data (medical history, personal information, etc.) can be safely and accurately sent to the hospital.
  • The blockchain protects the patient's data.
  • Highlighting a blockchain perk higher, hospitals may "reward" patients for sending/participating in compiling medical records with tokens.


  • No more pesky paper and physical files to manage.
  • Pulling up medical records is done in an efficient, accurate, and safe manner.
  • The hospital may create a rewards system via the use of tokens.
  • The tokens that are given out to patients can be used as a close-looped rewards system.
  • Incorporating the rewards system can help the hospital in various ways (as a way to upsell services, to grant active patients with more perks, or as a private currency program within the hospital itself).

Data Saves Lives

Essentially, the blockchain opens up a new way to create a sparkling new database. And this database is far more efficient than those physical filing records. Additionally, and depending on how the hospital approaches the integration, several forms of blockchain features can be done to further speed up the process.

Like, for example, an ETH blockchain integration, this platform can create a decentralized medical app for the hospital to use. And with the use of smart contracts, doctors and patients get to experience a faster and on-the-dot treatment procedure!

In more ways than one, the blockchain is more than just about cryptocurrencies. Shifting your perspective on this common mindset will allow you to see on just how efficient this system is. And with a specific industry in mind, such as the healthcare industry, we just may find out that an online and open economy can lead to healthier lives for all.

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