Ethereum’s entrance into the cryptocurrency space was truly a game-changer. The company’s blockchain technology has empowered more and more people to create their own projects. These Ethereum-based projects are slowly entering mainstream consciousness. And some of them could end up becoming even bigger than Ethereum itself. Let’s explore the 3 biggest projects that are based on the Ethereum platform.


For what seems like the longest time, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been pegged as one of the next big things in computing. Smart speakers, the undisputed face of the IoT, are basically ubiquitous. Now, IoTeX is aiming to take that a lot further. From your oven to your blender, IoTeX wants to bridge the physical world using the internet.  

IoTeX uses a unique blockchain-in-blockchain architecture. The hope is that this will enable the internet of things to scale rapidly and enter the homes of billions of people around the globe. IoTX is the project’s token, and it’s based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard.


BAT stands for Basic Attention Token, and it may just be the most exciting cryptocurrency project in recent memory. Co-founded by one of the minds behind Mozilla, BAT is attached to the Brave browser. Brave is a revolutionary browser that blocks traditional digital ads. Instead, it uses ads from its own ad network. In short, BAT, an ERC-20 token, is the currency of this new network. Users can earn BAT by engaging with ads, and creators can earn BAT by advertising through the browser. Users can tip creators who register with the Brave ads program. 

It’s no secret that the digital advertising industry has earned the ire of many internet users worldwide. For most of us, ads are the price we pay to keep using the internet for free. That’s just how it works. But BAT is looking to change all that. And it appears that users are buying in. As of this writing, the Brave browser has over 8 million active users.


 Kin is an ERC-20 token from the creators of the Kik messaging app. One of the more controversial crypto projects today, Kin has had a wild 2019. Reports of the Kik app shutting down drove Kin’s price to rock bottom. The Kik team has since reassured users that they’re here to stay. As a result, Kin’s price has recovered ever so slightly.

The appeal of the Kin token is that it allows users to transfer value only within its closed ecosystem. For example, you can earn Kin by contributing to the community. You can then spend that Kin on digital assets inside the Kik app, like chat themes or stickers.

It remains to be seen whether this project can take off, as the project lives and dies by the success of its parent, Kik Messenger. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on, if only for its quirky premise and roller coaster journey.

There you have it - 3 of the most interesting Ethereum-based projects you should keep tabs on. Are there any more projects you think should have made this top 3? 

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